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Soil nutrient and enhancement

Phase III's HydroSoil- Enhance or replace vital soil nutrients with our 100% ORMI certified organic nutrient. HydroSoil is essential for the promotion and propagation of microbial cultures in remediation sites and bio-cells. HydroSoil is the same nutrient package used in Oil Sponge AB+.

HydroSoil provides an excellent source of high quality nutrients for all types of plants. It can be used for pre-planting or continued fertilization throughout the growing season in agricultural fields, vineyards, greenhouses and orchards.

Only the highest quality materials are used in our formulation, which includes: fish meal, dry poultry litter and alfalfa meal. Added to this mixture are humic acid, seaweed and sulfate of potash which is high in natural NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) and secondary elements such as calcium. HydroSoil will enhance new growth and improve the soil's indigenous microbial populations.

HIGHLY recommended as a soil amendment for any bio-remediation site
For jump starting stalled bio-cells or remediation projects
Can be used in conjunction with any of our bacteria products
Rejuvenating dying lawns or flower boxes
Increasing fruit and bloom production
Restoring soil exposed to long-term use of chemical fertilizers
Soils impacted from over-farming
Soils subjected to environmental stress such as infestation, fire or flooding

Available in: Granular form