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Oil Sponge HD - Heavy Duty Cleaner

Oil Sponge HD is the ultimate in cleaning solutions. Ranked the #1 cleaner/degreaser by NASA and Rochester Institute of Technology for efficiency, performance, environmental safety, ease of use, and realized cost!

Oil Sponge HD is a liquid concentrate cleaner/ degreaser, that will clean at high dilution ratios. This powerful non-toxic, water-based, neutral range, bio-degradable cleaner/ degreaser is tough enough for use in power washer applications, but safe for use with any painted or unpainted surfaces. Oil Sponge HD rinses film free and is non-streaking.

Oil Sponge HD requires no extra precautions for handling and storing. It is safe to store in a normal setting and is user-friendly. Oil Sponge HD is bio-compatible with most bacterial packages and will not harm existing treatment systems.

Oil Sponge HD is an amazing product that will reduce your carbon footprint and it meets all the standards that are considered to be an environmentally conscious cleaner.

National Stock Number for 1 gallon: 6850014671384
National Stock Number for 5 gallons: 6850014671385
National Stock Number for 55 gallons: 6850014671336