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Formerly Super 600

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Which Oil Sponge Cleaner is Right for Me?


Oil Sponge IS - Industrial Strength Cleaner

Oil Sponge IS is the toughest emulsion-based cleaner for your industrial needs.

Oil Sponge IS cleaner is strong enough for parts washers, but because of its low VOC (178 grams/ liter concentrated and <25 grams/liter at typical dilution ratios) it is also appropriate for use with heated power washers or in other uncontained applications. Our emulsion-based alternative to mineral spirit solvents is non-flammable, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

Oil Sponge IS cleaner works wonders for the following; carbon build-up, petrol & synthetic oils, fats, greases and vegetable oils. Oil Sponge IS can also be utilized for smoke, soot, soils and general cleaning.

Oil Sponge IS requires no extra precautions for storage and handling. It is safe to store in a normal setting and is user-friendly. It is bio- compatible with most bacteria packages and will not harm existing treatment systems.

Oil Sponge IS is an amazing product that will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also meets all the standards that are considered to be an environmentally conscious cleaner.