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SL = Scale and Lime Remover

SuperSolve SL is a cutting edge scale and lime cleaning product with a 0.5 pH that ships land, sea or air without hazmat labeling. There is no safer, low-pH product for scale and mineral removing than SuperSolve SL.

VOC free
Free rinsing with water
Starts working immediately
Eco-responsible formulation

For use on:
SuperSolve SL removes Scale and Lime (mineral) deposits from any water-tolerant surface including, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polymeric substrates, fiberglass, Plexiglas, wood and fabrics.

Areas of use:
Tub tile, grout, faucet and shower head descalent and de-limers
Vehicle and equipment wash bay and wall cleaners
Concrete truck and equipment cleaning
Pool and spa pH adjuster, and calcium ring cleaner, safe for filtration systems
HVAC cooling towers and systems

Substitute for:
Phosphoric and nitric acid

Size Part # Pack
1 Gallon 71001 4/cs, 48cs/plt
5 Gallon 71005 48/plt
55 Gallon 71055 4/plt

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