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SR = Solvent Replacement Cleaner

SuperSolve SR is a multi-use solution to address the EPA and environmental issue facing solvent users today and in the future. SuperSolve SR is made from renewable resources thus reducing environmental impact.

Free rinsing with water
Flash point over 300ยบ
Renewable resource
Eco-responsible formulation

For use on:
SuperSolve SR can be used on any solvent compatible surface.

Cleaning & Dregreasing:
SuperSolve SR is ideal for removing heavy grease and sticky petroleum based soils and as well as for use in silk screen, blanket and print roller press clean-up.

Tar and Asphalt cleaning:
SuperSolve SR is an excellent tar and asphalt oil cleaner as well as an asphalt release agent. Applying SuperSolve SR to tools and equipment used in the asphalt and road machinery industry reduces cleaning time as well as extending tool life.

Substitute for:
D' Limonene, Naphtha, Mineral Spirits and other petroleum based solvents.

Size Part # Pack
1 Gallon 40001 4/cs, 48cs/plt
5 Gallon 40005 48/plt
55 Gallon 40055 4/plt

National Stock Number for 5 gallons: 6850014671334

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